Winnaars NVA Young Investigator Grant

2018 - Teus Kappen (UMCU)
Data-driven perioperative medicine: the optimal use of big data for up-date-risk predictions in surgical patients

2017- Charissa van der Brom (VUmc)
Translational studies to therapeutically target microvascular leakage to restore microcirculatory perfusion and prevent acute kidney injury following hemorrhagic shock

2016 - Floor Harms (ErasmusMC)
Bedside monitoring of mitochondrial dysfunction in sepsis

2015 - Marieke Niesters (LUMC) 
The influence of the pre-operative nociceptive profile on the development of chronic postoperative pain

2014 - Mattijs van Meurs (UMCG)
Translational studies in Acute Kidney Injury after cardiopulmonary bypass

2013 - Matthijs Kox (UMCN)
The interplay between oxygen status and the innate immune response

2012 - Philipp Lirk (AMC)
Modulation of DNA methylation (epigenetics) by lidocaine: implications for cancer therapy and pain medicine 

2011 - Alain Kalmar (UMCG)
Study of the influence of deeper versus lighter anesthesia on regional cerebral blood flow, metabolism and neuroprotection

2010 - Arthur Bouwman (VUmc)
The metabolic profile of the heart modulates its sensitivity to ischemia: an experimental approach to study the impact of lifestyle modification on preservation of perioperative cardiac function

2009 - Bert Mik (ErasmusMC)
A fresh look at tissue oxygenation in the perioperative setting: a novel platform technology

2008 - Ronald Deumens (MUMC)
Novel Avenue in Spinal Cord Injury. Pain Treatment: Targeting Inflammation

2007 - Elise Sarton (LUMC)
Prediction of the opioid exposure-effect relationships using in vivo intra-cerebral microdialysis and mechanism-based pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic modeling